Detroit Lions, Jared Goff 2024 Forecast Spot On? 2021 Prediction Looking Solid As Super Bowl 58 Approaches

They say it ain’t bragging if you can back it up. Well, I’m not on the Detroit Lions and I highly doubt I could catch a pass in the NFL thrown my way at 100 mph with the game on the line. However, I need to do a bit of bragging this morning.

Three years ago when the Lions traded for quarterback Jared Goff, I said this could (and would) happen – that the Lions would be a Super Bowl contender as early as 2024 if they built around Goff. It’s easy to say that the Lions got the best of this trade now, but I said they did from day one. (Click the link above to see the original post from 2021)

I mentioned at the time of the deal that Jared Goff is a proven winner everywhere he has played, and a bonus to this deal is that he is 7 years younger than Matt Stafford. It was almost like stealing away a proven No. 1 pick.

For those comments of course I was mocked, laughed at, and even hung up on by several of the local radio sports “experts.” Now these same experts said they “saw this coming.” Yeah, sure you did.

Ok, my 15-second bragging moment is over. Now let’s all brag and be proud of who really deserves it – the entire Lions organization.

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Be proud of Lions management. GM Brad Holmes has done nothing but build a powerhouse offense around Goff. With huge free-agent signings and incredible draft selections, Holmes has the Lions’ future looking brighter than it ever has in the last 30 years.

Be proud of head coach Dan Campbell. In less than three years, he has taken the Lions from one of the worst franchises in the NFL, and in sports really, to a destination players are now interested in playing for.

Campbell wears his heart on his sleeve and is very unapologetic about it. From the first time he spoke to the media and mentioned that the Lions would be different, they would be able to take a punch and they would be ready to bite off some kneecaps. So far DC has proved all the doubters wrong.

And of course last but far from least, the players themselves. This team does seem like a unit that plays for each other and not just themselves. That is key to building a winning team.

Will the Lions take down the high-powered San Francisco 49ers this Sunday in the NFC Championship and advance to their first Super Bowl in team history? I wouldn’t bet against it, that’s for sure!

Even if the Lions fall short of the big game, it’s okay. Because Lions fans know that this team is solid and will be a strong contender for years to come. And that is something we have not been able to say in Motown I decades.

Go Lions!

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