Super Bowl 58: Odds, Prediction For Chiefs vs. 49ers Winner As We Look To Extend Our Super Bowl Streak To 5

Super Bowl 58 is just two days away! It is hard to believe but when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday in Las Vegas, another NFL season will officially be in the books.

The Niners will be looking for that elusive 6th Lombardi Trophy to add to their historic franchise while the Chiefs try to become the first team to repeat as Super Bowl Champions since the New England Patriots pulled off the feat 19 years ago.

Super Bowl 58 wagering is already at a fever pitch

With the big game in Las Vegas and the explosion of online gambling in the past few years, it won’t shock many to know that this Super Bowl is expected to be the most wagered on in NFL history.

An estimated 23 Billion, yes Billion with a capital B is expected to be on the line this year as sports wagering is hitting an all-time frenzy.

When you look at all the things you can wager on, it can be mind-blowing – and overwhelming!

From things like will the coin toss be heads or tails, to what color will the Gatorade be if it is dumped on the winning coach’s head, you can bet on almost anything.

Super Bowl 58 – Let’s continue the win streak

No matter who tells you what, the Super Bowl is just another game. Once the ball is kicked off, the hype subsides and it is game on!

The problem with this game is most gamblers overthink things when it comes to which team will walk off victorious. What I do I take the “big game” factor out of the equation. It is sometimes hard to do, but try to look at this game as a Week 8 matchup – with both sides healthy.

For example, we had Tampa Bay over Kansas City in Super Bowl 55. The game was in Tampa, and the Tom Brady factor could not be overlooked. Also, the Bucs D was having an incredible season. It is tough for me to bet against Mahomes, but I can’t bet against the GOAT – especially in a Super Bowl that was a home game.

In Super Bowl 56, the Bengals were a strong play +4.5. In fact, without the horrible calls on that final drive by the refs, Cinncy should have won outright.

Last season, I said you have to lean toward KC over Philly. The Chiefs were just too stacked on offense and had a defense that was getting severely overlooked. Cha-ching, another winner.

So who walks off victorious this Sunday? Well, ironically, our Super Bowl winning streak started in 2020 when the Chiefs defeated the Niners 31-20. This year we look for the same results in this KC vs SF rematch.

The Niners are a great team, but the truth of it is Green Bay and Detroit both blew their games vs San Francisco. I don’t like the phrase “they don’t deserve to be here” in sports. True or not, that team you speak of at the time is there.

That being said, can the Niners take down Mahomes and the Chiefs? Sure they can, but they won’t.

The Chiefs are rarely an underdog under Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. This will be the Chiefs’ third straight road game, and the third time in a row they are the underdog.

KC went on the road and beat Buffalo, then they packed their bags the following week and beat Baltimore. Yes, that Ravens team everyone said (except us here at SOD) no one could defeat this season.

We are riding the hot horse. I refuse to wager against that duo of Reid and Mahomes. The Chiefs get it done in a barnburner in Super Bowl 58.

33-28 Chiefs.

Pick — Chiefs +2

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