President Dwayne Johnson? XFL Co-Owner Prepping For 2024 White House Run

President Dwayne Johnson. Has a nice ring to it, right? Well, according to many sources ‘The Rock’ is strongly pondering a run at the White House in 2024. Before you say that’s ridiculous, remember this – Donald Trump was scoffed at a bit too when he first floated the idea.

Dwayne Johnson talks Presidential run

Is The Rock ready to run for America’s highest office? While XFL fans are just wondering when live XFL action may return, the co-owner of the league may be eyeing a bigger prize.

According to a recent interview Johnson had with Willie Geist, he spoke about a possible US Presidential run. Let’s rephrase that. Johnson sounded like a man who is slowly starting to lay the groundwork for making a run at the Oval Office.

“I have a goal, and an interest and an ambition to unite our country, if this is what the people want, then I will do that,” reports the XFL Newsroom. Johnson included that “If the time comes where there is a good amount of people who want to see that happen, then I’m going to consider it.”

Presidential odds

So, what do Vegas oddsmakers think of Johnson’s chances of becoming the Commander in Chief in 2024? While it is very early in the game, Johnson is ahead of big names like Ted Cruz, Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Yang, and Bernie Sanders.

Can the man who rose to popularity in the WWE convince the public that he is capable of running the free world? Stranger things have happened! Here are the way-to-early odds win the 2024 Presidential race.

Kamala Harris+450
Joe Biden+550
Donald Trump Sr.+800
Nikki Haley+1200
Mike Pence+1600
Michelle Obama+2000
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez+2500
Pete Buttigieg+2500
Ron DeSantis+2500
Andrew Yang+3000
Elizabeth Warren+3000
John Kasich+3000
Stacey Abrams+3000
Beto O’Rourke +3300
Dwayne Johnson+3300
Ted Cruz+3300
Cory Booker+4000
Josh Hawley+4000
Amy Klobuchar+5000
Andrew Cuomo+5000
Bernie Sanders+5000
Dan Crenshaw+5000
Donald Trump Jr.+5000
Kanye West+5000
Mark Cuban+5000

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