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XFL 2023 Odds to Win Championship & Opening Games Have St. Louis Battlehawks Leading Way

The XFL 2023 season is almost here, with the first games of the rebooted season under Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and company arriving Saturday, February 18.

Ahead of kickoff for the opening matchups, the XFL 2023 odds are available for all teams’ chances to win the championship.

The odds are available via DraftKings Sportsbook, which offers competitive prices on sports wagers and various promotional offers and bonuses.

While there’s yet to be any evidence of how well XFL teams will perform, one team leads the way, as the St. Louis Battlehawks are favored at +400.

However, that lead is ever so slight as the Seattle Sea Dragons, Arlington Renegades, and Houston Roughnecks are chopping behind them.

We’ve got a look at the upcoming XFL 2023 odds, including teams’ championship odds and the first four games of the new season.

XFL 2023 odds arrive for opening games

Four games are on the slate for XFL 2023 opening weekend, and fans are ready to see how the league’s return looks and which teams might be contenders.

All games are currently available for wagers at DraftKings Sportsbook.

The first two games take place on Saturday, February 18, featuring the Renegades hosting the Vipers and the Roughnecks hosting the Guardians.

The Arlington Renegades (-125) open as two-point favorites at home against the Vegas Vipers (+105). The game starts at 3 p.m. Eastern Time and has an over/under of 39.5 points.

The second game on Saturday’s schedule kicks off at 8:30 p.m. ET and has the home team Houston Roughnecks (-115), and visiting Orlando Guardians (-105) even “picks” for their odds. This one has an over/under of 37.5 points.

Two more games close out the weekend’s opening XFL action. At 3 p.m. Eastern Time, the St. Louis Battlehawks (-125) visit the San Antonio Brahmas. The Battlehawks are getting early respect, favored by two as the visitors, with the Brahmas (+105) home dogs. An over/under of 38 points is on tap here.

Lastly, fans will see the Seattle Sea Dragons (+105) battle the DC Defenders (-120) at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday night. DC is a slight favorite of one point, with the over/under set at 37.5 points.

Keep in mind it’s early, so until the 2023 XFL teams have shown their abilities and weaknesses, lines may be light.

Teams’ XFL 2023 championship odds available

As mentioned, St. Louis reigns supreme early as the favorites to win the 2023 XFL Championship, with +400 odds. Bettors would return $400 on a $100 bet with the Battlehawks should they get it done.

Not far behind are the Seattle Sea Dragons at +450, Arlington Renegades at +500, and Houston Roughnecks at +500.

Check out the complete listing of XFL championship odds below:

  • St. Louis Battlehawks +400
  • Seattle Sea Dragons +450
  • Arlington Renegades +500
  • Houston Roughnecks +500
  • San Antonio Brahmas +550
  • Vegas Vipers +650
  • DC Defenders +750
  • Orlando Guardians +900

It’s time to get excited about the XFL’s return, as fans will hopefully see an improved version of the league!

Check out DraftKings Sportsbook for the latest odds information for the XFL and more!

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