Detroit Lions Schedule 2020: Odds for each game

The Detroit Lions and head coach Matt Patricia know that they are heading into a must-win season in 2020. Lions owner Martha Ford made that quite clear at the end of last season.

While the Lions are hoping that a strong showing at the 2020 NFL Draft to go along with the many key free-agent acquisitions, they have signed this past offseason will lead to a great 2020 campaign, they know that the key to winning will come to quarterback Matt Stafford.

Matt Stafford key to winning season

The Detroit Lions have tons of talent on both sides of the ball, but to have a shot at the postseason, they need their quarterback Matt Stafford to be at his best.

If the former Georgia Bulldogs star is back to 100-percent, this team will be head and shoulders better than it was last season. That being said, Las Vegas oddsmakers aren’t looking for positive results out of Motown in 2020.

In fact, a look at the early odds indicates that the Lions are only favored in just three games season.

Sure, that can all change quickly, but early on the Lions look to be the underdog in most games in 2020.

Detroit Lions 2020 schedule, game odds

On paper, this isn’t pretty.

The Detroit Lions are favored in just three games in 2020, according to 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit. Which means that they’re underdogs in 12 games and an early season, with the other game set at a pick’em.

In the way too early odds, the Lions are favored against Jaguars in Jacksonville, and in two home contests against the Houston Texans and the Washington Redskins.

That’s it.

So that leaves the Lions already set as road underdogs against the Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, Bears, Titans, Vikings and Packers. They are also dogs at home vs. the Colts, Saints, Bucs, Vikings, and Packers.

If you the Lions being favored in just three games is bad, the Washington Redskins are favored to win just two games, while the Bengals, Panthers and NY Giants are are favored in just one game

Then there are the Jacksonville Jaguars who are listed as underdogs in all 16 games.

On the positive side, if you like to wager on the NFL, you could make some great money on the Lions if they happen to defy the oddsmakers. Detroit has the highest odds to win the North at +850.

The Packers (+140) are the favorites, followed by the Vikings (+150) Bears (+450) and Lions +850.

Below is the list of each game for the Detroit Lions 2020 schedule along with the early odds.

  • Lions +3 at Arizona Cardinals
  • Lions +4½ at Atlanta Falcons
  • Lions +1 at Carolina Panthers
  • Lions +5 at Chicago Bears
  • Lions +7 at Green Bay Packers
  • Lions -1 at Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Lions +7 at Minnesota Vikings
  • Lions +6 at Tennessee Titans
  • Chicago Bears at Lions pk
  • Green Bay Packers at Lions +2
  • Houston Texans at Lions -1
  • Indianapolis Colts at Lions +1½
  • Minnesota Vikings at Lions +2
  • New Orleans Saints at Lions +5½
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lions +2½
  • Washington Redskins at Lions -5½

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