Jim Harbaugh Rumors: Carolina Panthers Reach Out To Michigan Coach, Broncos Deal In Place? Odds For Top Teams Revealed

The Jim Harbaugh rumors are getting louder. The former Michigan QB has completely turned around the program in Ann Arbor and is beloved in the state of Michigan. However, that doesn’t mean his itch to return to the NFL is as minor as he has been leading on.

The rumors picked up more steam on Tuesday when reports surfaced that Harbaugh and the Carolina brass connected for a conversation about the Panthers coaching vacancy.

Yahoo Sports reports (via ESPN and the AP) that Harbaugh has spoken with Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper about potentially filling the team’s vacant head coach position. So, if Jimmy is happy in A2 and has no interest in returning to the NFL, why all the flirting?

Jim Harbaugh Rumors – Most sought-after coach?

A few years ago rumors of Jon Gruden returning to the NFL sidelines were everywhere. At the time Gruden denied that he had an interest in leaving his MNF gig at ESPN. We all know what happened. Gruden eventually jumped out of the MNF booth to coach the Raiders.

Gruden eventually said that his return to the NFL was inevitable as the game was in his blood. Coach Harbaugh said earlier this year that he has no interest in leaving Ann Arbor. However, is the NFL still in his blood? Several close to Harbaugh think so – with one source going as far as revealing it to The Athletic.

“I think it is a done deal if he gets an offer,” said one source close to Harbaugh.

The timing to leave would seem odd in the fact that Harbaugh has made Michigan a powerhouse once again nationally. In his eight seasons in Ann Arbor Harbaugh has compiled a 74-25 record and made Michigan a top destination for recruiting. Yet, if reports are true, that over-the-shoulder look toward the NFL seems to still be in Harbaugh’s mind.

Odds favor Broncos, Wolverines, Panthers

Will Harbaugh jump ship and head back to the NFL, or will he stay in Ann Arbor next season?

Well, this we do know. The Denver Broncos have made it no secret that they have an interest in Harbaugh, and obviously, so do the Panthers. It seems that Harbaugh has more than a flickering interest in heading back to the sidelines on Sunday afternoons – no matter how much he denies it.

Either way, he can’t lose. Michigan will be stacked next season and should be a preseason top five team. On the other hand, an NFL team may back up the Brinks truck and sign Harbaugh to a huge deal where he will be able to call the shots.

Here are the latest odds on where Jim Harbaugh will land this fall via Bookies.com. Personally, with all the success Harbaugh has with the Colts, my $2 would be on them!

Denver Broncos +300
Carolina Panthers +400
Michigan Wolverines +400
Indianapolis Colts +600
Houston Texans +650
Arizona Cardinals +1000
Cleveland Browns +1000
The Field +1000

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