Josh McDaniels, Raiders Agree On Deal, Jim Harbaugh Vikings Rumors Gaining Steam

It looks like the New England Patriots and longtime offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are parting ways. McDaniels is expected to take over the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022 according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

Josh McDaniels take 2

When NFL fans think of Josh McDaniels, they instantly think of New England, Tom Brady, and championships. However, McDaniels has had a shot at a head coaching gig as well.

While McDaniels was involved in all six of their Super Bowl titles, serving as the offensive coordinator from 2005-2008 and 2012-2021, his pit stop in Denver in between wasn’t one for the record books.

McDaniels compiled an 11-17 record with the Broncos between 2009-10. To be fair, he didn’t walk into a spot with a solid QB and running game. This time he is.

McDaniels is hoping that with the talent that is already in place in Vegas he can help the Raiders once again become a beast in the AFC West.

Harbaugh still thinking NFL?

Is he or isn’t he leaving Michigan? That’s the million-dollar question all Michigan fans want to know. Of course, we are talking about Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh was heavily rumored to take over in Vegas or Miami just weeks ago. Now that McDaniels is taking over out west, it would seem that the Harbaugh rumors would die down a bit. It’s been just the opposite.

These “Harbuagh to Vikings” rumors seemed like just a talking point. However, they are picking up steam of late.

According to, Minnesota requested and received permission from Michigan to speak with Harbaugh — standard process for NFL teams — and had an exploratory conversation with him Saturday afternoon to gauge his interest, sources say. Nothing further is scheduled, but Harbaugh remains a candidate for the job and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Vikings bring him to the facility this week.

See, here’s the thing. If Harbaugh was happy right now with Michigan, he would squash all of these rumors. He would say something like “he’s flattered by all the rumors, but he is staying in Ann Arbor.”

That isn’t happening. Instead, Harbaugh has been very quiet on the subject. Unlike Nick Saban and Urban Meyer who both flopped tremendously in the NFL, Harbaugh was well-liked and he was a winner.

If the right offer from Minnesota comes up, don’t be surprised if Jimmy packs up and moves on from his alma mater.

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