MLB Power Rankings 2021: Preseason Rankings, World Series Odds Update As Teams Prepare For Spring Training

Play Ball! While old man winter continues his grip across the US, the one positive that spring is on the way is the beginning of the MLB exhibition season. With many of the league’s 30 teams starting to report as early as this Wednesday, February 17, it is time to start thinking about the boys of summer.

Dodgers, Yankees MLB best?

Each year is different in sports, especially in baseball. Case and point. While many experts had the Dodgers penciled in as their World Series champion in their predictions last season, it is safe to say they didn’t have them facing Tampa Bay in the Fall Classic.

That is the beauty of sports. While we kind of have an idea of which teams should do well, there is always a team or two that beats all expectations. Which teams will be the underdog we never saw coming in 2021? Only time will tell.

Power Rankings, World Series Odds

What would a season be without the power rankings? While some fans dismiss the ranks, we don’t – especially when it comes to wagering. As for now, here is our breakdown of the MLB Power Rankings heading into spring training, along with the latest odds to win the 2021 World Series.

Power Rankings/World Series Odds

  1. Dodgers (+400)
  2. Yankees (+600)
  3. Braves (+1200)
  4. Padres (+1200)
  5. Tampa Bay (+1200)
  6. Astros (+2000)
  7. Twins (+2200)
  8. Mets (+1600)
  9. White Sox (+1800)
  10. A’s (+1800)
  11. Cardinals (+2200)
  12. Blue Jays (+3000)
  13. Brewers (+3500)
  14. Angels (+3500)
  15. Nationals (+4500)
  16. Phillies (+3500)
  17. Cubs (+3500)
  18. Cleveland (+4500)
  19. Reds (+5500)
  20. Giants (+5500)
  21. Red Sox (+4500)
  22. Diamondbacks (+7500)
  23. Tigers (+8500)
  24. Marlins (+7500)
  25. Royals (+9000)
  26. Mariners (+7500)
  27. Rockies (+7500)
  28. Rangers (+9000)
  29. Orioles (+9500)
  30. Pirates (+10000)

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