How Many Fans Will Be Able To Attend MLB Games This Season? Updated Breakdown For Each Team’s Attendance Policy

Last season was a strange one in sports, including Major League Baseball. From season stoppages to playing sporting events in a “bubble,” 2020 taught us all that anything can happen. This season it seems that MLB will be the first sport to bring back patrons to the game in a larger quantity – and fans couldn’t be happier! Is it the right move? That will be debated all season long, that you can bet on.

Nevertheless, with spring around the corner and warmer temps ahead, fans are excited to just head back to the ball park to cheer on their favorite team.

MLB fans returning

COVID-19 changed all of our lives. One way or the other, none of us could avoid it. Now, after one-year into the pandemic, fans are getting the green light to return to sporting events.

The NBA, NHL and some NFL stadiums were allowed to have a fraction of fans return to events and MLB is ready to follow suit.

While some stadiums will begin the season allowing 20-percent capacity, a handful are allowing 40-percent or higher. The Texas Rangers are allowing 100-percent capacity, which is the first time since COVID hit that any team in any of the for major sports will be doing so.

Below is a list of each teams seating capacity (via The Athletic) heading into the 2021 season. So move over cardboard cutouts, the fans are back!

AstrosUp to 50Up to 20,600Yes
Blue Jays15~1,275Yes
Dodgers20~11,200Via lottery for Opening Day
Giants20~8,400If inventory allows
Indians30~10,400To be determined
Mets208,492Not yet
Nationals12.15,000Not yet
Orioles25~11,000Yes, but not Opening Day
Padres20~10,000Not yet
Phillies208,800Yes, but not Opening Day
Red Sox12~4,500Yes, but not Opening Day
Reds30~12,700Yes, but not Opening Day
Rockies42.6~21,363If inventory allows
White Sox20~8,000If inventory allows
Yankees20~10,000Limited availability

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