MLB Playoff Schedule, Divisional Series Odds For Each Matchup 2021

The MLB Playoff schedule is ready to hit full gear as the ALDS and NLDS are set to begin. Following the one-game winner-take-all Wildcard games that saw the Red Sox and Dodgers advance, it is now time for the elite eight teams to battle it out.

Last season the Dodgers defeated the Rays to capture the 2020 World Series title. Will they meet up in the Fall Classic once again this October? They are both tabbed as the favorites to do so according to Vegas oddsmakers.

Below is the complete schedule for the upcoming divisional contests, along with the odds to win each series.

American League

  • Astros -155 vs White Sox +130
  • Rays -175 vs Red Sox +140

National League

  • Dodgers -145 vs Giants +130
  • Brewers -145 vs Braves +120

League Division Series (best-of-five)

Thurs., Oct. 7ALDS Game 1Astros vs. White Sox4:07 p.m.FS1
ALDS Game 1Red Sox vs. Rays8:07 p.m.FS1
Fri., Oct. 8ALDS Game 2Astros vs. White Sox2:07 p.m.MLB Network
NLDS Game 1Brewers vs. Braves4:37 p.m.TBS
ALDS Game 2Red Sox vs. Rays7:02 p.m.FS1
NLDS Game 1Dodgers vs. Giants9:37 p.m.TBS
Sat., Oct. 9NLDS Game 2Brewers vs. Braves5:07 p.m.TBS
NLDS Game 2Dodgers vs. Giants9:07 p.m.TBS
Sun., Oct. 10ALDS Game 3Rays vs. Red Sox4:07 p.m.MLB Network
ALDS Game 3White Sox vs. Astros8:07 p.m.FS1
Mon., Oct. 11ALDS Game 4 (if nec.)Rays vs. Red SoxTBAFS1 or MLB Network
ALDS Game 4 (if nec.)White Sox vs. AstrosTBAFS1 or MLB Network
NLDS Game 3Braves vs. BrewersTBATBS
NLDS Game 3Giants vs. DodgersTBATBS
Tues., Oct. 12NLDS Game 4 (if nec.)Braves vs. BrewersTBATBS
NLDS Game 4 (if nec.)Giants vs. DodgersTBATBS
Weds., Oct. 13ALDS Game 5 (if nec.)Astros vs. White SoxTBAFS1
ALDS Game 5 (if nec.)Red Sox vs. RaysTBAFS1
Thurs., Oct 14NLDS Game 5 (if nec.)Brewers vs. BravesTBATBS
NLDS Game 5 (if nec.)Dodgers vs. GiantsTBATBS

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