NFL MVP Odds 2023: Why Betting On Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff Is A Wager Worth The Risk

Jared Goff, 2023 NFL MVP? Yep, I’m calling it a year in advance – or should I say at least I am wagering on it. The Lions signal-caller is definitely worth a prop bet to take home the award next season. If you watched the Lions during the second half of the season then you know where I am coming from.

Jared Goff 2023 MVP? Why not

First off, are you kidding me? Justin Herbert (+900), Lamar Jackson (+1400), and Dak Prescott (+1600) are all good quarterbacks. However, the odds of them winning the 2023 MVP shouldn’t be so much lower than Goff’s +2500. (Goff is listed even higher at MGM +4000)

This is even more puzzling. Goff’s odds are equal to Cleveland’s DeShaun Watson, Chicago’s Justin Fields, and San Francisco’s Trey Lance. Really? Trey Lance? The potential for Lance to be a star is there, however, his lack of experience really raises eyebrows in terms of an MVP candidate. If I had to pick between the three aforementioned QBs or Jared Goff in 2023, it would be Goff hands down.

To take it a step further, Goff, who many experts believe had the best season of his career in 2022, has fit in Motown just as well – if not better dare I say – than his predecessor Matt Stafford. His dramatic jump from year one to year two in Detroit is a huge reason Vegas oddsmakers have installed the Lions as a top ten favorite to win the 2024 Super Bowl. That kind of hype hasn’t been seen in the Motor City for a long, long time.

Video via NBC Sports/Twitter

Odds to win 2023-24 NFL MVP

Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes deserve to be the favorites to win the NFL MVP in 2023. Heck, Mahomes may be the favorite to win the award for the next three seasons! But here at Sports Odds Digest, we don’t look at the favorites as much as we look at the underdogs.

As we love to say here at SOD, if the favorites always won, why would you work a 9-5 job when you could just gamble for a living? If it were only that easy.

If the Lions live up to the hype next season, they should be playoff bound and contend for the NFC North title. That being said, one has to believe that Jared Goff would be a big reason why. With the youthful talent in Detroit and Dan Campbell’s never-ending optimism, I am getting in on the bottom floor at +2500 on Jared Goff winning the MVP. Those odds are too attractive to pass up!

Below is a look at the very early top 15 candidates to win the 2023 NFL MVP award according to Fan Duel sportsbook.

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