Lamar Jackson Trade To Lions: Why Replacing Jared Goff With Ravens QB Would Be The Worst Move Detroit Could Make

Is a Lamar Jackson trade for Jared Goff on the horizon? That hyped-up rumor just won’t go away. Here is why I believe if this trade was made, it would be the worst thing the Lions have done in the Holmes-Campbell era.

The Detroit Lions are carrying their great finish to the 2022 season right into the offseason. The Lions have been very active during free agency, signing some of the biggest free agents on the market. So far the Lions have added Guard Graham Glasgow, RB David Montgomery, and CB Cameron Sutton.

If that wasn’t good enough, Detroit also inked one of the best DB/FS on the market in C.J. Gardner-Johnson. So, with quarterback Jared Goff coming off arguably his best season as a pro, why in the world are all these rumors surfacing about the Detroit Lions being one of the odds-on favorites to trade for Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson?

I am here to tell you why it would be a huge mistake.

Goff for Jackson? Buyer beware

Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback and an outstanding athlete. However, if I were Lions GM Brad Holmes, I wouldn’t entertain the thought of trading for him. Holmes brought over Jared Goff in the deal that sent Matt Stafford to the Rams.

In case you forgot – we here at SOD said the DAY AFTER the deal was done that this was a great move.

Now, after building a team with great wideouts, running backs, and a nice offensive line, why in the world would you even ponder trading Jared Goff? Am I the only one who believes in No. 16?

Unlike Jackson, Goff has already had several deep playoff runs in his career, including a trip to the Super Bowl. He also has what every QB needs with his teammates – great chemistry. And for being a west coast kid his entire career, including his college days, he has adapted to the city of Detroit and its fans in his first two seasons very quickly. If you know ANYTHING about Lions football, you know that is not an easy task.

Lions are a top favorite to land Lamar Jackson

Will a huge trade occur during the NFL Draft between the Lions and Ravens? I personally hope not. However, Vegas experts have the Lions tabbed as one of the favorites to land the former Louisville star.

According to PointsBet Sportsbook, the Lions are listed as the fourth-highest team to strike a deal for Lamar Jackson. The Colts are No. 1 at +225, followed by New England (+450) and Atlanta (+600).

The Lions are currently listed at +650. Now as a lifelong sports fanatic, I know talk is cheap. Sports radio hosts need to fill air time in the offseason and with sports gambling becoming legal just about everywhere in the world nowadays, this story isn’t going away until Lamar Jackson and the Ravens officially part ways.

My advice to the great Brad Holmes is if the offer comes up – just don’t do it.

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