NFL Win Totals 2023: Over/Under Totals For Each Team, Three Bets You Can Take To The Bank

It’s that time of year again. It’s hard to believe but we are already on the cusp of a new NFL season and we all know what that means – it is time to make some money!

Earlier this season, our MLB three best bets you can take to the bank all struck gold! Now, it is time for the NFL. While we will be here every week of the season giving our fearless picks that will surely lead to profits, it is always important to keep this in mind.

The NFL is a long, long season. Slow and steady wins the race – and makes us the most money. Let’s go!

Rams, Bills stay under Vegas number

Oh, how things can change quickly. Just two seasons removed from a Super Bowl championship, the LA Rams will be lucky to win 7 games in 2023. In fact, we are betting that they won’t.

The fact that QB Matt Stafford is far from healthy, and the roster is nowhere near where it was when the Rams carried off the Lombardi Trophy just two seasons ago is a recipe for disaster. Also, rumors of Stafford not connecting with many of his young players is just feeding into the frenzy.


The Bills aren’t in the terrible position that the Rams are in heading into the new season, however, I have a gut feeling that the magic is going to be tougher to come by in 2023. The Jets are much improved with Aaron Rodgers calling the signals and eyeing the AFC East crown. Add to that Miami is stacked and New England can’t be taken lightly, I think the Bills will struggle to hit 11 wins. They will come close, but in the end they fall just short of the 10.5 win total.


Lions roar and one bonus wager

The Detroit Lions haven’t won a postseason game since 1991. That was also the last time they captured a division crown. So why am I all in on the Leos and more than ready to admit I am drinking the Lions Kool-Aid? Simple – Dan Campbell.

DC has changed the culture in Motown. The players love playing for him and after listening to him speak at any presser it is easy to see why. Campbell wears his heart on his sleeve and he pulls no punches.

QB Jared Goff has weapons on offense, and the 2023 Draft has bolstered a defense that improved each week last season. I love the over in this situation.

BET – LIONS OVER 9.5 wins

While we did say we had three take-it-to-the-bank winners, here’s an early Christmas gift for you. Take the Steelers OVER 9 wins.

Kenny Pickett is getting comfortable at QB and head coach Mike Tomlin just always finds a way to have the black and gold in games. The AFC is stacked, but we think the Steelers are playoff-bound this season. Pound that OVER!

NFL Win totals

Here is a look at each team’s Over/Under win total number heading into Week 1 of the 2023 season.

  • 49ers 10.5
  • Bears 7.5
  • Bengals 11
  • Bills 10.5
  • Broncos 8.5
  • Browns 9.5
  • Buccaneers 6.5
  • Cardinals 4.5
  • Chargers 9.5
  • Chiefs 11.5
  • Colts 6.5
  • Commanders 6.5
  • Cowboys 10.5
  • Dolphins 9.5
  • Eagles 11.5
  • Falcons 8.5
  • Giants 7.5
  • Jaguars 9.5
  • Jets 9.5
  • Lions 9.5
  • Packers 7.5
  • Panthers 7.5
  • Patriots 7
  • Raiders 6.5
  • Rams 6.5
  • Ravens 10.5
  • Saints 9.5
  • Seahawks 8.5
  • Steelers 9
  • Texans 6.5
  • Titans 7.5
  • Vikings 8.5
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