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Luka Doncic National Treasures Rookie Card Sets Record as Mavs Continue NBA Playoff Push

Don’t look now, but the young NBA sensation Luka Doncic has surpassed Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant for a new record. However, it’s not scoring, rebounding, assists, or any other stats accolade. A Luka Doncic National Treasures Rookie card recently set a new sales record as the most expensive NBA rookie card in history. This comes as Luka and his Dallas Mavericks are right on the cusp of getting into the top eight teams in the Western Conference.

Luka Doncic National Treasures rookie card sells at $4.6M

This past weekend as basketball games took place, a deal was also finalized with one basketball card selling for $4.6 million. The deal was for the Luka Doncic National Treasures rookie card Auto Logoman 1/1.

The card features Dallas Mavericks All-Star Luka Doncic, his autograph, and a sweet jersey patch featuring the NBA logo. The 2018-19 card is just one of a kind, meaning that there will never be another copy created or owned. That definitely factors into the record price tag the sale had.

An Instagram post shows the deal’s specifics, as Nick Fiorella was the buyer who purchased the item. A check from Bank of America is shown in a series of images, along with the rare card itself.

The deal arrives as the sports card world has been fire over the past year or so. Many feel that the boom in prices has come due to the pandemic with many individuals being stuck at home. Since there wasn’t the ability to go out and enjoy live events like pre-2020, it led to card buying.

Others feel that the rare collectibles have become similar to art pieces. In the case of the Luka, it’s a one-of-a-kind, adding to its exclusivity. For comparison, LeBron, MJ, and Kobe rookie cards sell in the hundreds of thousands, but many feel some of their cards could cross the million-dollar mark someday.

There are other Luka Doncic rookie cards currently selling for anywhere from $100 to hundreds of thousands. One of his most popular cards at the moment is the Panini Prizm, which sells for about $1,500. Depending on how Luka and the Mavs fare to close out the season, it could see a further boost.

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Luka’s current stats and MVP odds

He’s just three seasons deep, and Luka is averaging 28.5 points, 8.4 boards, and nine assists a game with 47.5 percent field goal percentage. That’s not bad for a kid at age 22, who will get his second All-Star appearance this season.

Ahead of the season, Luka was an NBA MVP favorite, although that has since moved in favor of other established players. As of right now, Luka has fallen to +900 odds, making him fourth overall. He trails Nikola Jokic (+400), Joel Embiid (+325), and the King, LeBron James (+125).

Luka is currently listed fourth in the All-Star Game MVPs as well. The 2021 NBA All-Star Game is set for Sunday, March 7, in Atlanta, with Team LeBron vs. Team Durant to be drafted this week. It should be interesting to see who drafts the international phenom, Cool Hand Luka, first in the All-Star draft.

Luka’s Mavs within West NBA Playoff picture

It’s no secret that the NBA’s Western Conference has been highly competitive for many years now. That’s no different in 2021, as the Lakers aren’t even the No. 1 team at the moment. The Utah Jazz currently hold that distinction, with the Lakers, Clippers, and Suns all within the top four or five spots.

Meanwhile, the lower part of the Western Conference will be quite interesting in the second half of the season. As of this writing, the Golden State Warriors were clinging to the No. 8 spot with a record of 19-16. However, the Dallas Mavericks are right behind them at 17-16, giving them a legitimate shot of getting back into the playoffs.

Current odds have the Mavs at +5000 to win the NBA Championship, for those who want to take a real gamble on Luka surging:

  • Los Angeles Lakers +225
  • Brooklyn Nets +300
  • Los Angeles Clippers +500
  • Milwaukee Bucks +700
  • Utah Jazz +700
  • Philadelphia 76ers +1400
  • Boston Celtics +3000
  • Denver Nuggets +2500
  • Miami Heat +3500
  • Phoenix Suns +3500
  • Dallas Mavericks +5000
  • Indiana Pacers +5000

*Odds via BetUS 3/1/21

If you believe in the Mavs, consider taking a shot on their title odds. However, you’ll need to wager quite a bit to try to buy that 1/1 Luka Doncic National Treasures rookie card!

Visit our NBA odds page for more of the latest news about the league.

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